Classic series

The Classic Series models are very popular for their simplicity of design and they are versatile for all interiors. The main table slabs are made of solid oak wood, made through gluing 4 cm thick all-massive lamellas, which are approximately 10-15 cm wide. For the production of the Classic models, we use the best quality wood that passes through strict visual scanning and quality control in order to make the table of premium quality. For joining individual parts of the Classic series, we use the Festool Domino system to allow them to be transported smoothly even to less accessible spaces such as higher floors or attics. In case of moving, the table is easily detachable and can then easily be reassembled elsewhere.

If you do not find the desired design or size in our offer, feel free to contact us. We will “tailor“ your table to your needs because all tables are handmade according to the customer’s individual requirements.

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