About us

We are a Slovak furniture manufacturer and we produce tailor-made oak dining tables according to the customer’s specifications, which determine the exact dimensions of the table, paint, surface treatment and other parameters. We are also able to supply tables, chests, beds, benches and other furniture in the same style. Our tables are hand crafted in a traditional way with a simple woodworking machines.

Our small but fast-growing company is based in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, in a small town called Bardejov. The history of Bardejov is dated from 1241. In 2000, the historic square of Bardejov, with a small Jewish suburb, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In production, we rely on the inherited knowledge of our ancestors and our extensive experience in the field of wood processing. We also use it in our current production. Our country has a rich supply of wood, which allows us to buy the very high quality wood needed for our woodwork production.

Our main goal is high quality made furniture, professional approach and consequently customer satisfaction. We are committed to using the highest quality materials and the artisanship of our staff.

Why should you pick tables and furniture from us?

  1. We produce tables and furniture in premium quality with emphasis on detailed finishing.
  2. We use wood and materials of first class quality for production
  3. Furniture and tables are joined by a special system of detachable metal joints, which allows simple and quick assembly on delivery and easy disassembly in case of removal.
  4. We deliver the products by our own transportation, which guarantees the very friendly treatment of the goods and an undamaged condition.
  5. We do not require a 100% advance payment.
  6. We can produce a product according to customer’s preferences beyond our standard production program, even if it is only 1 piece.
  7. We prefer professional individual approach to our customers.
  8. We comply with agreed terms.

Why should you pick an oak table?

Natural oak wood has a unique structure that distinguishes it from products that imitate natural wood. So called „visual deficiencies“ are not a defect, on the contrary they are part of the unique appearance of oak wood.

The colour of the wood can be affected by surface treatment. We use Osmo hard wax oils for the treatment. The application of oils is intended to get deeper into the wood structure and change its colour. The final colour of wood is the result of the reaction of natural tannins present in oak wood to the action of chemical agents used in wood processing. The resulting wood colour is stabilized within 3-6 months after the final application of the oil. Natural oils and waxes deepen into the wood, keeping it healthy and flexible. There is no drying out. Wood can breathe and moisture can be released. It does not crawl, crack or peel.

After applying OSMO oil, the wood surface has the following properties:

Oiled furniture is getting more and more popular. It is nothing new – it is a return to natural materials. The oil perfectly impregnates and protects wood from mechanical damage. At the same time, it emphasizes its natural appearance and uniqueness. The oiled surface „breathes“ and regulates the microclimate inside the material.

OSMO hard wax oil is made from natural vegetable oils and waxes. Natural oils and waxes sink deep into the wood keep it healthy and elastic while not drying out.

Wood can breathe and moisture can be released. The waving and dilation of wood is moderate.

Hard oil wax does not contain any biocides and preservatives. The dried coating is not sensitive to humans, animals and plants. Complies with DIN 53160 and EURO-EN71 standards. It is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

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