Long and Long Loft series

Oak tables – Long and Long Loft series

Long models are characterized by their extreme length up to 300 cm. The main table slabs are made of solid oak wood, made through gluing 4 cm thick all-massive lamellas, which are approximately 10-15 cm wide. To produce, For the production of LONG models, we use the best quality wood that passes through strict visual scanning and quality control in order to make the table of premium quality, which is important to meet all requirements due to its extreme length.

For Long Loft models, the table top is composed of two parts that is separated by a small linear gap. The edges of the table slab have an uncut original natural edge. The table base is made of metal, in the form of abrasive stainless steel or black metal.

you do not find the desired design or size in our offer, feel free to
contact us.We will “tailor“ your table to your needs because all
tables are handmade according to the customer’s individual

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